Sarah's Angels

The Sarahís Angels are in memory of Mrs. Sarah Lee, whose angelic personality has affected many lives. Sarah was diagnosed with Liver Cancer in June 1996 and given 6-12 months to live. She asked God for more time so she could minister His love to other hurting and needy people.

Sarah, in one of her prayer times, during her sickness, saw ministering angels and felt Godís presence and amazing love in her room. At the age of 40, God granted Sarahís prayers and took her home, with His angels, on January 12, 2000.

Angels are spiritual messengers bringing Godís love and protection in many ways. God gives His angels charge over us as guardian angels.

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Sadly, we have been informed that the entire line of Sarah's Angels has been discontinued and retired.  No new figurines will be added to the collection.  Quantities are limited to what we have on hand.

The photos don't do the figurines justice.. the colors are much richer and deeper than they appear in the photos...

Wedgewood Collection


 3" - 3.5" Angels
 4" - 4.5" Angels
 5" - 5.75" Angels
 6" - 8" Angels
Tapestry Collection


 4" - 4.5" Angels
 6" - 8" Angels